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"I want a life coach to walk with me through the mire, see me set firmly on the other side and help me to develop tools so I don't fall back into the muck."

-B.L.S, Hood River

What is Whole Person Life Coaching?


Whole Person Life Coaching is a professional relaionship that helps bring about meaningful change by deepening your understanding of yourself.  It takes into account the fullness of who you are, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  It embraces the interconnected complexity of all parts of your life.  Through coaching you will begin to recognize old beliefs, fears and patterns as you create forward momentum into a more fulfilling life.  Coaching brings greater alignment between all of who you are and what matters to you most.  It is hard work at times, as you find voice, focus and purpose.  Whole Person Life Coaching is a practice of self care and kindness from which happiness and fulfillment will follow.  


What will I get out of coaching?


A shift towards feeling more authentic and vibrant and becoming the you you dream of being. You will cultivate courage, self trust and confidence as you discover what your path looks like and where you want it to go.  On that path you will find insight and greater connection to yourself and others.  Coaching is rooted in self tending and the ability to be truly present as you make changes that will bring you genuine joy.


When should I hire a coach?


  • When you're ready to discover your life's purpose

  • When you're feeling overwhelmed by change and indecision

  • When you seek greater understanding and connection in your relationships

  • If parenthood has challenged you to become the parent you want to be 

  • If you're ready to overcome fears and embrace new opportunities

  • If life has thrown you a big transition and you're feeling stuck

  • When you're ready for something new, but not sure what yet

  • If you think you'd benefit from more structure and accountability

  • If you're open, curious and most importantly, willing to commit to yourself


How do we meet?


Over the phone, on Skype, or in person in the Hood River area.  


We start with a free 30-minute Inspiring Change phone call to get to know each other, talk about the coaching process, and discuss your individual needs.  


From there we will schedule a Discovery Session, a 2-4 hour process carried out in 2 appointments.  We will gain an overall sense of you and your life and get acquainted with the core values that drive your decision making.  We will create a vision of where you would like to be by the end of your coaching experience and examine what strenths you bring to support you in the process.  After the Discovery Session, subsequent 60-minute coaching sessions will focus on creating inspired momentum towards reaching your desired outcome. While a single session can bring opportunities for greater personal awareness, an extended commitment to at least 3 months of coaching, 3 meetings per month, will create lifelong change and true transformation.  


Between coaching sessions I will provide activities to help keep you feeling focused and empowered as you work toward your goals.  I will encourage and cheer you on as you progress, providing support for the inevitable moments of frustrating challenge through regular email check-ins.  

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