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I'm Lucy Mason,

I am a life and leadership coach for organizational leaders whose work alleviates the suffering of others. At the core of my work, I help leaders get support, feel confident, and be impactful in their work. 

If there's one thing I am certain about, it's that humans do not work well when they feel isolated. If you are reading this, I'm guessing you know this fact all too well. Loneliness and isolation are the hidden underlying challenges many organizational leaders struggle with. Tasked with the delicacies of running a successful organization, leaders must safeguard sensitive information, support the vast needs and personalities of team dynamics, navigate the perpetual struggle for securing funding and resources, and hold their organizations vision for a better world, and of course, they must do it all while maintaining a cool and confident demeanor.

Many highly motivated leaders like yourself have experienced working with executive coaches whose focus was on the career skills of strategy, growth, and team building, but far too few have cultivated either the support systems or the skills necessary to nurture their own personal mental and emotional well-being as leaders. And I’ll tell you a well-known secret - the strength, empathy, and resilience that comes along with nurturing these personal skills have the potential to elevate you into the leader you truly want to be.

These leadership struggles are real, and they effect the entire organization's ability to achieve the full impact of their mission.

This is why I’m a life and leadership coach for purpose-led leaders who feel isolated and need a safe and confidential relationship where:

  • they can fully be themselves and share their fears, concerns, challenges, successes, and celebrations without judgement 

  • they can receive deep listening, feel seen, and be fully supported in their professional and personal development 

  • they can receive honest feedback that leads to self-reflection and continuous improvement 

  • they can develop a healthy support system and integrate more balance into their lives 

  • they can curb their self-doubt, lower their stress levels, and feel more confident

I believe that when leaders feel heard and confidently grounded in their own abilities to make an impact, it ripples out into the choices they make about their organization, the people they manage, and the causes they serve.

I know this because I have been there in the trenches working as a humanitarian aid worker, holding the vision as a non-profit board president, organizing city-wide mindfulness initiatives, and navigating the unrelenting struggle to find resources, funding, and support in both social and environmental movements.


I know the overwhelm, the burnout, the stress, and the deep feelings of inadequacy that leaders feel, and I also know the courage it takes to ask for help and take action towards my own personal empowerment. 


But somewhere along the line, I realized that my truest gifts lay in my abilities to listen, reflect, and connect the dots I see in the patterns of others thoughts and habits, and that when I shared these skills with others it allowed them to see new potential and possibilities in themselves, their relationships, and in their work. So now, I flourish as a life and leadership coach, supporting, coaching and helping others grow into the impactful heartfelt visionary leaders they deeply want to be.  

I choose to work with organizational leaders whose work alleviates the suffering of others because I share their values and I see the collective need for purpose-led organizations now more than any time I can remember. I believe we must begin to see the oneness in each other so we can begin to heal all the ways in which we’ve created separateness and destruction. And, yes, I’m an idealist and a dreamer. I live as if the beauty of life exists on a spectrum rather than in right or wrong, good or bad, and I call it the sacred gray.


I’ll meet you there. 

Random fun facts about me

I crave culture. Part of my joy lies in being connected to cross cultural life

experiences and most definitely food.  

I come alive through dance. If there’s a dance floor, I’ll be there. 

I find my zen through the meditative powers of gardening.

"Working with Lucy allowed me to be in a safe space to explore my values, understand my habitual thoughts patterns, and explore ways to make subtle life shifts in a positive direction. She provided a non judgmental, gentle flow of questions to discover my truths and help me come to conclusions on ways to enrich my life and let go of damaging behavior. 


Lucy is a master at active listening. She can form excellent reflections to help you really hear yourself and understand your thought process. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance, and ready to engage in life changes to feel more positive, grounded and confident in their life."

- L.D.

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