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"I want a coach to walk with me through the mire, see me set firmly on the other side and help me to develop tools so I don't fall back into the muck."

-B.L.S, Hood River


1-1 Coaching Program
for Purpose-led Leaders

This program is created for isolated, purpose-led leaders who want safe and confidential support where they can be themselves and process the complicated emotional and mental experiences that come with leadership.

“One of the things that I really appreciate about Lucy is the way she helps me come to my own conclusions by giving me the space and support to fully explore my own thoughts and ideas about a major decision.

All too often, people want to jump in and offer their suggestions or advice about how to proceed when faced with making a decision. Lucy, with her patient and calm demeanor, has allowed me to feel the safety of exploring different options without any fear of judgment. She helps me do my own problem-solving, which, in the end, is a lot more satisfying than having someone else do it for me.”

-K.F. West Linn

If you are a leader who: 



  • is constantly supporting others but has struggled to build a support system strong enough to help you through the issues you face yourself

  • is starting to doubt if you are the right person for the job, if the work you do is effective, or if your efforts are making a meaningful impact

  • feels exhausted and overwhelmed with a never ending work load where everything is a "top priority"​

  • feels alone and unclear when making decisions 

  • feels like you always have to be on without a moment of doubt, always have the right answer, and never make mistakes

  • needs support navigating power dynamics, strong personalities, and the workplace politics of your team 

  • is facing tasks that are new to you and pushing you to your own limits

  • has perfectionist tendencies and second guesses yourself about making the right choices

  • is getting lost in the day to day demands of your work and feels further and further away from the bigger mission

  • is running low on ideas and tangible solutions and feeling perpetually stretched to find the right resources

And you are ready to:


  • have support and accountability to your personal growth as a leader​

  • quiet your internal self-doubt and become more confident

  • build the support system you know you need to grow as a leader 

  • build stronger work relationships by more deeply understanding how you relate to others at work

  • communicate clearly and confidently with others 

  • recieve the support of someone who gives you consistently productive feedback on your work

  • get clear on your core professional and personal goals and build momentum towards them

  • feel more capable and more able to roll with the challenges you face 

  • develop skills for dealing with the inevitable feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed

  • to find more work/life balance

  • see new ways forward out of your current challenges 

You are ready to be supported, make an impact, and be the confident leader you really want to be.

I love working with Lucy because she can zero in on my area of struggle or conflict and help me determine what my true goals and hopes are. After speaking with her, I always feel more grounded and ready to take steps in the direction I want to be going in, rather than spinning my wheels in all the wrong directions.


Recently I was considering returning to a field of work that I truly do not feel satisfied in. After working with Lucy, I have been able to put all of my energy and focus into the work that gives my life greater meaning. I consider myself very lucky to have access to Lucy's wisdom and insight; I value the way she empowers me. 


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