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About Me


It’s likely you are reading this because you find yourself at a crossroads in your life.  Something happened or you looked around and noticed you feel stuck or adrift.  Likely you have been asking, “What’s next?”


There was a time when I asked myself this very same question.  And I realized that the question for me wasn’t just what’s next, but who am I and how do I want to live my life?


When I was young, I spent most of my time dreaming about or experiencing life in other countries.  Starting with a trip to England and then India at age 11, followed by a year as an exchange student in high school, then an international college and finally though travel as an adult, I have been drawn to all the different ways life can be lived.  I followed this curiosity through 15 years and twice as many countries.  I thrived on learning languages, history and current struggles, meeting people and hearing their stories.  Everything I thought about came through the lens of not just my upbringing in this country but my experiences from everywhere I'd been. 


When I got married, became a mother and settled in the US, I threw myself into the work of nurturing my children.  I was so consumed with the task of being the mother I knew they needed that I became disconnected from being the person that I needed for myself.  The adventuresome, fearless person I had been was missing and I felt disconnected from the passion I used to feel.   While I loved being a mother and felt stimulated by my growing understanding about childhood and family, the multifaceted me was gone.  I felt burnt out, disheartened, and scared of the feelings of vulnerability that came from losing sight of my calling. 


In my desperation to reconnect with my full self, I started to explore all the dreams I’d ever had for myself.  One passion stood out.  My love of hearing people’s stories, their troubles, their fears, their wildest imaginings, offering in return empathy, reflection and open-mindedness.  I made the decision to hire a life coach, both to see if the profession was a fit, and also to help me realign my own life with my true self.  Not only did my life coach help me to return to balance within myself and my life, she helped me to navigate the transition back to feeling empowered and brave.  As a bonus along the way I reconnected with the values that form the foundation of my ability to fully participate in solid connected relationships with those around me.  Coaching gave me the courage and permission to change, making my own evolving potential more apparent.


So here you are wondering what I can do for you.  You are someone who wants to live life knowing your authentic self.  You see life transitions as opportunities for growth, difficulty as a time of maturing, ready to challenge your status quo.  You’re not a complacent person, but you’re feeling a temporary insecurity that’s making it hard to put your life in the context of greater meaning and purpose.  Let me offer you space and time for reflection, an opportunity to explore a new perspective and path towards change with a compassionate, open mind.  All the answers to your most important questions are within you.  Together we will bring them to light.


I earned my BA at the Friends World Program of Long Island University, an international school dedicated to experiential learning and global citizenship.  I received my training as a Whole Person Life Coach through Baraka Institute/Coach Training World.  I now live in Hood River, Oregon, with my husband and two children.  I find balance in life through supportive friendships, family, delicious food, a rekindled love of dance, exploring the world through my children’s eyes, a perpetual love of learning and the meditative powers of gardening.

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