Lucy Mason Life Coaching Hood River

Imagine your life, feeling deeply connected in your relationships, grounded
during times of change and tuned in to your own inner pull towards harmony.  
What you may not realize is that all the answers to your most important questions
are within you.  As your life coach, I will support you in bringing those answers to light.

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Life in Balance Coaching
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 Ongoing Happiness Group


Share wisdom, learn techniques, be inspired.


4th Wednesday of every month

6-7pm on Zoom


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“One of the things that I really appreciate about Lucy is the way she helps me come to my own conclusions by giving me the space and support to fully explore my own thoughts and ideas about a major decision.
All too often, people want to jump in and offer their suggestions or advice about how to proceed when faced with making a decision. Lucy, with her patience and calm demeanor, has allowed me to feel the safety of exploring different options without any fear of judgment. She helps me do my own problem-solving, which, in the end, is a lot more satisfying than having someone else do
it for me.
-K.F. West Linn


Through her active listening, gentle but pointed questioning, and her non-judgmental air, Lucy helped me discover my next career hopes and goals, as well as identify the initial steps to put them in motion. 
-S.T. Hood River


“Working with Lucy is a beautiful exploration into your core needs and values.  Through her comforting energy and focused questions, she helped me uncover some real mysteries around my relationship fears and insight into action steps forward.  She is a fabulous listener and invaluable resource for finding the answers within.  I highly recommend
working with her!”
-N.P. New York


Call to schedule a free 30 minute Inspiring Change conversation to discuss any questions
you may have about coaching and your personal life goals.